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Essential Tips for Running in the Heat

Written by Joaquim Anjos


Posted on May 08 2024

For runners, sunny and warm weather often beckons them outside. The blue hues of the sky, vibrant colors of nature, and radiant sunlight can turn simple runs into unforgettable experiences.

However, it's important to remember that the sun, if not respected, can become an adversary. Therefore, this article serves as a reminder to ensure that running in the sun is always safe and rewarding, without compromising your health.

If you're someone who eagerly anticipates lacing up your sneakers and heading out for a run in the heat with your spring/summer sportswear, then we have some running tips for you!

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How to Run in the Hot Weather?


As mentioned, below are some tips for a more rewarding, comfortable, and, above all, safe running experience.



Choose Technical and Breathable Fabrics

Opt for garments made with technical fabrics designed specifically for sports. Materials like polyester, polyamide, and elastane are lightweight, breathable, and help absorb moisture, keeping you cool and dry during the run. Conversely, avoid cotton fabrics as they tend to retain moisture and can become heavy and uncomfortable when wet. Therefore, choosing fabrics that offer quick-drying properties is the best option for running in the heat.

Additionally, we recommend choosing clothing with strategically placed ventilation panels, such as laser perforations, breathable meshes, or ventilation zones, to facilitate air circulation and prevent overheating during the run.

Opt for Light Colors


You've probably heard someone advise against wearing black clothing on a hot day. Well, it's true! Light colors reflect sunlight, helping to keep your body temperature lower. Choosing clothes in lighter shades can minimize heat absorption, allowing you to stay cool while running in the heat.

Essential Accessories


In addition to appropriate clothing, don't forget to use essential sun protection accessories, such as a cap or visor to protect your face and eyes, and polarized sunglasses to reduce glare and protect your vision. Although not strictly an accessory, the use of sunscreen is crucial to protect your skin from UV damage while running in the heat and sun!

Proper Hydration


When running in the heat, it's essential to stay hydrated to prevent dehydration. Make sure to drink water before, during, and after exercise to replenish fluids lost through sweating. Carry a water bottle with you or opt for a hydration belt to ensure easy access to water throughout the run. Additionally, consider isotonic sports drinks to replenish lost electrolytes during sweating.

In addition to hydration, nutrition is also extremely important for all runners. In this regard, you can get tips on what to eat before running in our blog article.


Man drinking from Fyke's Soft Flask



Best Times


To avoid excessive heat and intense UV rays, choose the best times for running in the heat. If possible, prefer the early morning or the late hours of the afternoon when temperatures are milder and the risk of sunstroke is lower. Avoid running under the scorching midday sun when UV rays are at their peak. 

Look for Shaded Paths


When planning your running routes, look for paths that offer natural shade, such as wooded trails or parks with shaded areas. Running in shaded areas can help reduce direct sun exposure and keep your body temperature lower, making the run more comfortable and safe.

Foot Care and Proper Choice of Socks


In addition to choosing the right footwear, it's essential to pay attention to socks when running in the heat. Opt for socks made of technical materials that offer moisture absorption and prevent sweat buildup, reducing the risk of blisters. Make sure the socks fit well, neither too tight nor too loose, to avoid irritation and excessive friction. Additionally, consider using running-specific socks that have extra padding in high-impact areas, such as the heel and forefoot, providing additional comfort during the sunny run.


Man checking the quality and material of Fyke socks

Now that you're more aware of the precautions to take when running in the heat, let's provide you with Fyke's essential equipment guide for sunny days.


Fyke Equipment Guide for Running in the Heat

Determined to meet athletes' needs throughout the year, Fyke also offers appropriate sportswear and accessories for running in the heat.


Fyke t-shirts are made with highly technical and durable fabrics but always focusing on the principles of lightweight and breathability, offering superior moisture absorption properties to keep you dry and comfortable regardless of exercise intensity and temperature. Additionally, they feature an aloe vera treatment and antibacterial properties to provide additional skin care and odor control.

In this sense, Fyke offers the Boost One T-Shirt and the Boost Two T-Shirt. They also provide the Boost One Woman T-Shirt so that women can also enjoy fresh runs in the sun. If you want to learn more about women's running clothing, click here.

If, on the other hand, you feel that even our t-shirts are not enough to stop your body temperature from rising, we also have our Boost One Sleeveless Shirt and Boost One Woman Sleeveless Shirt designed for optimal ventilation, as the sleeveless construction promotes greater airflow, improving overall breathability and comfort. They maintain Fyke's renowned aloe vera and antibacterial treatments.




For female runners who want to tackle the challenges of running in the heat, Fyke offers another option specially designed to ensure comfort and performance: the Boost Woman Top. This top not only offers breathability and freshness but is also made from recycled materials, highlighting Fyke's commitment to sustainability. Additionally, its construction and specialized materials ensure a secure and comfortable fit for the athlete's breasts, providing essential support.

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Running involves moving quickly by propelling the legs. Therefore, shorts are one of the garments that athletes should pay the most attention to.

It is essential to choose shorts with an ultralight design that does not restrict movement. This is where the Boost One Short and Boost One Woman Short come into play. These shorts stand out for their superior moisture absorption capability, along with fabrics highly resistant to odors, providing the necessary freshness for running in the heat.

Not sure how to choose shorts to accompany your trail runs? Read our blog article to help you make the right decision.

Headwear Accessories

On sunny days, headwear accessories become essential in your running kit. Caps, visors, and headbands are some of the accessories that can protect you and increase comfort during a run in the sun.

In this regard, Fyke offers the Boost Cap and the Running Cap. Both are easily adjustable, with a curved brim and high-tech fabric to effectively protect the face and eyes from UV rays, with side perforations for better air circulation and, consequently, a cooler head.

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Similarly, with similar benefits, the Boost Visor, constructed with technical fibers and structures to absorb excess sweat, also protects the eyes and skin from solar rays. Furthermore, both the Boost Cap and the Boost Visor feature an aloe vera treatment and antibacterial properties in their construction for extra skin care.

Want to know more about running visors? Check out our blog article.

As for headbands, they are all designed with technical fibers that actively absorb sweat, keeping your skin dry and comfortable, without the risk of dripping into your eyes and impairing your vision and performance. Additionally, the elastomer fibers used in their manufacture ensure a highly adjustable and comfortable experience, while the absence of seams further enhances comfort. They also receive Fyke Sports' aloe vera treatment and integrated antibacterial properties.


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Fyke headwear accessories




Socks are one of the key elements in any run, whether short, medium, or long. In summer, it's important to keep your feet dry and odor-free, and with Fyke socks, you not only ensure breathability but also many other advantages.

Fyke offers various sock options in terms of profile/length and colors, to meet the tastes and needs of each athlete.

Due to their construction with technical fabrics containing 3D mapping technology to reinforce high-stress areas with lightweight materials and also protection for the toes and heels, Fyke socks provide unparalleled comfort.

Additionally, they provide performance-grade compression, with adjustable compression elastomers that improve blood flow and body performance while delaying fatigue. As expected, they are created based on an aloe vera treatment that provides an additional advantage in skin care, fatigue management, and odor control.

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Hydration Accessories

As we know, hydration is crucial for your runs, especially when running in the heat, as staying adequately hydrated is essential for performance and well-being during exercise. Water is vital for regulating body temperature, ensuring proper muscle function, and maintaining energy during training.

For this purpose, at Fyke, you can find a reusable Soft Flask, made of flexible plastic that contracts as you drink thanks to its flexible design, simplifying the entire hydration and storage process during your workouts or races.

Additionally, they are made with PVC and Bisphenol A-free materials, ensuring a safe and clean consumption experience, and contain an anti-leak valve to prevent any mishaps.

In addition to the Soft Flask, Fyke also offers a Soft Cup, also compressible, flexible, and reusable. This accessory is perfect for those long hot weather runs where there are some water fountains, supply stations, or springs along the way. Thus, you can hydrate and then put this small accessory back in a pocket.

Next Step: Running in the Heat!

There is no doubt that running in the heat requires extra care! Did you already have all the precautions listed in this article before reading it? It may seem excessive, but the sun, despite offering wonderful things, can also be harmful no matter how short and quick your run is. And after all, what's the harm in wearing a cap, sunglasses, and applying a bit of sunscreen before going for a run in the heat?!

Now that you have our tips, we believe you understand the importance of choosing quality sportswear and accessories for running in the sun. Make your decision according to your preferences but always remember their functionality. Your health and comfort should always come first!

But not every day is sunny, right? Fortunately, winter days also have a lot to offer. However, there are other precautions to take in these conditions. Learn about them here!



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