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COR: Grey

TAMANHO: 200ml

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Soft Cup is the perfect hydration companion for every runner or trail runner!

The Soft Cup, designed with convenience in mind, compresses to fit in your pocket. It makes easier to take on all your runs. This flexible, foldable, and reusable cup is ideal for carrying cold beverages and staying hydrated during workouts and competitions.

Created with runners' needs in mind, provides a perfect solution for those who want to stay hydrated without carrying a bulky water bottle. Its flexible design enables easy storage in a pocket or backpack. In addition its foldable structure ensures portability wherever you go.

Choose the Soft Cup whether you're training for a race or just needing a quick refreshment during a workout. With its reusable design, you can feel good about making an eco-friendly choice every time you hydrate.


Soft Cup Benefits:

  • Compact and Compressible: Designed for convenience, easily compressing to fit in your pocket. It ensures hassle-free portability on all your runs.
  • Flexible and Reusable: Crafted with a flexible and foldable structure, these running cup is a reusable hydration solution.
  • Tailored for Runners: Specifically created with runners in mind, the Soft Cup meets the hydration needs of those who seek a lightweight alternative.
  • Versatile Usage: Whether you're tackling long trail runs, or simply need a quick refreshment, the Soft Cup is the perfect choice
  • Eco-Friendly Design: With its reusable nature, it allows you to make an eco-friendly choice every time you hydrate.