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Tips for Spring Running

Written by Joaquim Anjos


Posted on April 03 2024

If you're one of those people who retreats to the gym to stay fit during the winter, it's time to get back to nature! With the arrival of spring comes the perfect opportunity to reinvigorate your running routine. With milder weather and longer days, spring offers ideal conditions for exploring new paths and achieving new athletic goals.

Each season has its own unique characteristics, so it's important to do your research before you start running. With that in mind, this blog post will give you the essential advice to enjoy comfortable, safe spring running and, of course, unique scenery! After all, this is the season when flowers bloom, birds sing, and nature renews itself for a new cycle of life. Is there anyone who doesn't enjoy these invigorating sensations?

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Now, let's get to the tips we have for making your spring running even more rewarding.

Acclimatization Time

If you've been away from running for a while this winter, even if you've been active on the treadmill at the gym, you don't want to break records the minute you put your running shoes back on. There are many factors that make outdoor running different and more difficult, including the cold, the rain, the sweltering heat, the presence of steep climbs and descents, and many other factors. Therefore, try to adapt gradually to avoid possible muscle injuries and to progress until you reach your best form. On the other hand, don't neglect cardio and strength training even when the sun is shining, as this is another way to avoid injury.

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Unpredictable Weather 

One of the characteristics of spring is the unpredictable weather. The weather changes very often, so we have cold, rainy days as well as sunny, warm days. Sometimes there are big changes in the weather in the same day, so it's important to be prepared for this unpredictability. One piece of advice is to dress in layers so that you can take off or add clothing during your spring running. You may also want to opt for clothing made of synthetic materials that wick away sweat. 

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Temperatures tend to rise this time of year, so it is important to stay hydrated during your spring running. Fyke recommends that you carry a container that allows you to drink regularly during your run to compensate for the increased loss of fluids due to sweating. For this purpose, Fyke offers its Soft Flask, made of soft, non-toxic, PVC-free plastic. Because it contracts as you drink, it is extremely easy to carry. It also comes with an anti-leak valve so you don't waste water or other fluids that accompany you on your spring running or get wet when you keep it on your running belt.


While spring is a beautiful season, it is also the time of year when many people suffer from seasonal allergies. Be aware of the pollen levels in the area where you plan to run and take the necessary precautions. Consider taking preventative measures such as taking anti-allergy medication before your run and wearing goggles or a face mask to minimize your exposure to pollen. That way, you can enjoy the wonders of spring without the hassle of allergies.

Essential equipment

Another tip we would like to share with you is the equipment you should choose for a spring running.


With the ever-changing weather, it's important to have sneakers that can handle any condition. Our advice is to choose shoes that are both waterproof and breathable to increase airflow and keep your feet dry and comfortable. You should also adjust your footwear depending on whether you're a trail runner or a road runner. The characteristics are different because trail shoes need to be made of more durable material and have more aggressive soles.

Technical Clothing


With warmer weather prone to sudden changes, it's important to invest in technical clothing that absorbs sweat and dries quickly. Look for garments made from breathable fabrics that wick moisture away from the skin to keep you cool and comfortable. Lightweight, removable layers provide versatility to deal with temperature changes throughout the day, and seamless styles prevent chafing and skin irritation.

To that end, Fyke offers t-shirts with seamless technology to ensure the athlete is comfortable no matter the difficulty of the spring race and distance.

However, the layers to pay the most attention to are the base and mid layers. On a hot, sunny day, it may make sense to wear only a base or mid layer. On the other hand, if it's raining, you may want to opt for a base layer along with a waterproof running jacket to keep your body dry.

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Although they may be labeled and associated with winter, the truth is that long-sleeved base layers can also be an interesting option in the spring. This is because when they are tight, they absorb moisture more easily and protect you from possible sunburn. 

Fyke also offers a long sleeve shirt with seamless technology for the best fit without irritation.


Shorts are a popular choice for many runners, especially during the warmer spring months. They offer a feeling of freedom of movement that is appreciated by many athletes. In milder weather, shorts provide additional ventilation to help keep legs cool during a run. This is especially beneficial on sunny days when heat can be a limiting factor.

When choosing running shorts for spring, look for styles made from lightweight, breathable fabrics such as polyester or polyamide. These materials help absorb sweat and wick moisture away from your skin, keeping you comfortable throughout your run. Also look for shorts with inner linings for added support and comfort, especially on longer runs.

While shorts are ideal for warmer temperatures, leggings are a great option for cool spring mornings or days with inconsistent weather. Leggings provide extra coverage for the legs, protecting against wind and cold, which can be especially important in the early hours of the day or when running in more exposed areas.

Like shorts, running tights should be made from technical fabrics that absorb sweat and provide breathability. Look for styles with stretchy fabrics that allow for freedom of movement so you can run comfortably without restriction.

Technical Socks

Socks are often overlooked, but they play a critical role in comfort and performance when running. Choose technical socks made from materials such as polyester, polyamide, or merino wool that offer breathability, moisture wicking, and friction resistance. Look for styles with padding in the heel and toe to protect against impact and prevent blisters.

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In addition to the aforementioned bottles to keep you hydrated during your spring running, there are other accessories that can make a big difference in your comfort. We highlight caps and visors, as they can help protect your face from the sun and keep sweat out of your eyes, providing greater visual comfort during your run and preventing sunburn, and sunglasses with polarized lenses to reduce glare and protect your eyes from UV rays.

In addition to these accessories, there are others that you can include depending on your personal tastes. However, we'd like to highlight the role of the running belt, which means you don't have to hold your bottle in your hands, making you more comfortable during your run.

Make the Most of Spring

When looking at spring running tips and recommendations, it's clear that this season offers runners a unique opportunity to reconnect with nature and revitalize their training routines. 

It's important to recognize and adapt to the unique characteristics of spring to ensure comfortable, safe, and rewarding runs. From gradually adjusting training intensity to avoid injury, to preparing for the unpredictable weather that comes with a rapidly changing climate, every aspect of spring run requires attention and consideration.

Choosing the right footwear, technical apparel and socks is essential to ensure comfort and performance, while accessories such as hats, visors, sunglasses and running belts play an important protective role.

We believe that by following these tips and recommendations, you'll be able to make the most of your spring running while staying active, healthy and connected to nature.

Fyke Sports has everything you need for your spring running.



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