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The Surprising Impact of Running Shorts on Your Performance

Written by Joaquim Anjos


Posted on May 22 2024

When it comes to improving your run, it's easy to focus on cutting-edge running shoes and elaborate training routines. But considering that running is fundamentally powered by your legs, why not pay more attention to your running shorts? After all, when chosen carefully, these items can have a surprising impact on your performance.

In this blog article, we'll explore all the advantages that running shorts can offer to enhance your performance, highlight the compelling reasons why you should embrace them, and the type of running shorts you need for your needs.

Why You Should Opt for Running Shorts

The truth is simple: those who already use running shorts clearly understand the difference they make compared to conventional sports shorts. In this regard, let's look at the major advantages of this type of shorts.


Imagine running kilometers and kilometers with uncomfortable fabric that keeps rubbing against your skin. Doesn't sound very pleasant, does it? Running shorts are designed to minimize friction and maximize comfort during your run. They are made with lightweight and breathable materials, such as polyester and elastane, to ensure supreme comfort!


Adequate ventilation is crucial, especially during long runs or in hot climates. Running shorts are designed with sweat-absorbing fabrics, with advanced ventilation technologies that allow the skin to breathe, keeping you cool, dry, and without any hindrance or discomfort while pushing your limits.

Moisture Wicking

During a run, sweat is inevitable. Running shorts are designed to absorb moisture from the skin, keeping you dry and preventing any uncomfortable feeling of moisture. This not only helps to prevent skin irritation but also contributes to an overall feeling of freshness and comfort throughout the run.

Chafing Prevention

If you've ever experienced chafing or irritation during a run, you know how painful and uncomfortable it can be. Many running shorts come with inner liners that help reduce friction between the legs, preventing chafing and skin discomfort.

Freedom of Movement

There's nothing worse than feeling "restricted" during a run. Unlike regular sports shorts, running shorts are designed with a cut that allows for full range of motion, ensuring efficient and unrestricted strides.

Weight Reduction

Every gram counts when you're running! So when it comes to long-distance races, the importance of weight is even greater. Running shorts are lightweight and do not add unnecessary weight, allowing you to fully focus on your performance.

Stride Optimization

Every movement matters when you're running! Therefore, all the previously mentioned advantages lead to an overall benefit: running shorts are developed to provide you with a more efficient stride.

Which Type of Running Shorts Do You Need?

It is crucial to always tailor your sportswear to your specific needs in order to get the most out of your clothes. With shorts, it's no different!

Here are some important considerations to find the perfect pair:

Distance and Terrain: For long-distance races, especially on rough terrain, compression shorts can offer additional muscle support and reduce fatigue. On the other hand, for shorter races or on flat terrain, lightweight and breathable shorts may be more suitable.

Learn how to choose your trail running shorts.

Weather and Conditions: In hot and humid climates, opt for shorts with fabrics that absorb sweat and offer good ventilation. For runs in colder climates, shorts with thermal insulation or additional layers can help maintain body heat.

Support and Stability: If you need additional support for your thigh and hip muscles, compression shorts with support panels may be the best choice. For athletes facing stability issues or injuries, shorts with strategically placed compression bands can help improve proprioception and reduce the risk of injuries.

Pockets and Storage: Athletes who need to carry essential items such as energy gels, keys, or electronic devices should look for shorts with easy-access and secure pockets. Additionally, some shorts come with waterproof pockets to protect electronic devices from moisture.

Durability and Resistance: For athletes who regularly participate in competitions or intense training, it is important to choose durable and resistant shorts that can withstand frequent wear and tear. Look for high-quality materials and reinforced seams that ensure the longevity of the shorts.

Gender Considerations: It is important to consider the differences in anatomy and preferences between genders when choosing running shorts. Some models may be designed specifically for male or female athletes, taking into account issues such as fit, support, and anatomical comfort.

At Fyke you can find models of running shorts for both men and women.



By considering these aspects based on your individual needs as an athlete, you will be better prepared to choose the right running shorts and, consequently, achieve maximum comfort, support, and performance during your runs.

Time to Choose Your Running Shorts

Running shorts, often underestimated, play a crucial role in improving your performance. Because they are in direct contact with the body part responsible for movement, they have a primordial importance for any runner.

Remember, choosing the right running shorts should be as careful as choosing your running shoes. After all, it's in the small decisions that the secret to great performances lies. If you haven't yet experienced the positive impact that a good pair of running shorts can have, perhaps it's time to make that change and feel the difference for yourself. Trust us, get ready to run with more comfort, efficiency, and enjoyment.

So, the next time you lace up your running shoes and head out for a run, make sure you bring along the running shorts that truly work in your favor. It's time to find the perfect pair that matches your needs and preferences.

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