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COR: Grey

TAMANHO: 250ml

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The Fyke Soft Flask makes your drink, refueling and storage more practical and faster, so that your challenges are reached more effectively and without distractions.

The malleable material, produced using non-toxic plastic and PVC-free, allows it to shrink while drinking, moving the way the athlete wants, always knowing how much drink is left.

Our Soft Flask is easy to fill, to grip during exercise and to store again, without having to take breaks.



- PVS and Bisphenol

-A free, blaster valve, TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) material



- The flask contracts as you drink to empty out the water from the inside

- Easy to carry

- Safe clean

- Effortless hydration thanks to the anti-leak valve


Stay hydrated and perform at your best with the Fyke Soft Flask, the ultimate solution for easy and efficient hydration during any challenge.