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We meticulously craft the Boost Visor to deliver outstanding performance. This cutting-edge running visor integrates advanced technologies that effectively wick excess sweat from your skin.

After numerous trials and extensive development efforts, we have successfully engineered a lightweight, stylish, and highly efficient running visor. Style seamlessly integrates with protection and functionality, making it the ideal choice for runners.

Additionally, it goes beyond the ordinary, providing robust protection against sun glare to keep your eyes focused on the path ahead. Sunburn protection is seamlessly integrated, emphasizing the importance of holistic skin care, particularly in warmer seasons.

But the innovation doesn't stop there. Rain and wind protection add a layer of versatility, making the Boost Visor a reliable companion in various weather conditions.




Some of the features:

  • It is constructed with technical grade fibres and structures to absorb the excess of sweat.
  • Sun glare protection, keep your eyes safe and on the track rather than at risk from sun rays.
  • Sunburn protection, skin care is extremely important specially during warm seasons.
  • Rain and wind protection.
  • Odour and skin care: our running visor come with aloe vera treatment providing an advantage in skin care, fatigue and odour control. Additionally, we apply a second layer of odour control technology with an eco-friendly treatment based in latest technologies.
  • No bouncing, perfect adjustment. The elastomers fibres used in the construction provide a very adjustable and comfortable experience. It won’t move and bounce even when you are jumping around.
  • Underhelmet approved, it will fit perfectly under your helmet as it fits like a second skin over your head.