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Introducing the Boost Tubular, a versatile and ultimate multi-functional neck warmer designed for optimal performance.

You can use this adaptable piece of clothing in many ways, from a scarf to a balaclava, headband to an underhelmet cap.

The Boost Tubular, equipped with advanced sweat-wicking technology, employs technical grade fibers and structures actively keeping sweat away. In colder seasons, it additionally offers thermal protection for your neck and ears.

This neck warmer is ideal for a wide range of activities, such as running, hiking, tennis, gym, cycling, climbing, and more—perfect for any outdoor enthusiast seeking versatile performance gear.

It fits snugly under helmets, acting like a second skin, providing extra warmth and protection against cold and wind.

Furthermore, the Boost Tubular includes odour control technology, featuring an eco-friendly treatment based on the latest technologies.

Join the Fyke community and embrace the ultimate performance neck warmer experience today.

Neck Warmer Key Benefits:

  • Sweat-Wicking: Keeps you dry during any activity with technical-grade fibers.


    Thermal Protection: Ideal for colder seasons and outdoor activities, safeguarding your neck and ears.


    Versatility: Neck Warmer perfect for running, hiking, tennis, gym, cycling, climbing, and more.


    Snug Fit under Helmets: Approved for helmet use, fits snugly, providing extra warmth and wind protection.


    Odour Control: Features eco-friendly odour control technology for freshness during intense activities.

  • Quick-Drying: Facilitates rapid drying, ensuring comfort and performance even in challenging conditions.