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Introducing the Boost Subli Headband - the affordable performance headband for athletes of all levels. Packed with advanced technologies, this headband is designed to keep sweat away from your skin and protect your eyes during any activity.

Constructed with technical grade fibers and structures, the Boost Subli Headband absorbs excess sweat, preventing it from dripping onto your face. It also provides thermal regulation in both winter and summer, making it a versatile accessory for any season.

Our products come with aloe vera treatment for superior skin care and odor control. We also apply a second layer of odor control technology with an eco-friendly treatment based on the latest technologies.

Experience perfect adjustment and comfort with the elastomer fibers used in the construction of the Boost Subli Headband. It won't move or bounce, even during the most intense workouts.

Choose the Boost Subli Headband for an affordable, high-performance accessory that will help you go the extra mile.