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The Boost Light Headband is made to perform. This headband is packed with top notch technologies to draw the sweat away from your skin and protect your eyes. Go the extra mile with Fyke.

Our headband is packed with the most advanced technologies to keep the sweat away from your eyes, and provide thermal regulation either in winter or in summer.

  • No more sweat dripping onto our face: it is constructed with technical grade fibres and structures to absorb the excess of sweat.
  • Thermal protection: on winter it will protect you from the cold. It can cover also your ears.
  • Multi-sport: running, hiking, tenis, cross-fit, gym, yoga, cycling, climbing and almost any activity.
  • Under helmet approved, it will fit perfectly under your helmet as it fits like a second skin over your head.
  • Odour and skin care: our products come with aloe vera treatment providing an advantage in skin care, fatigue and odour control. Additionally, we apply a second layer of odour control technology with an eco-friendly treatment based in latest technologies.
  • No bouncing, perfect adjustment. The elastomers fibres used in the construction provide a very adjustable and comfortable experience. It won’t move and bounce even when you are jumping around.