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Welcome to Boost F-Arm Sleeves, the ideal solution for athletes and fitness enthusiasts aiming to elevate their performance. Our compression sleeves aim to enhance blood circulation, prevent swelling, and regulate body temperature in colder weather.

We employ middle-graded compressive technology to optimize blood and nutrient transportation throughout your veins, reducing fatigue, muscle vibration, and lactic acid buildup. This optimization results in improved muscle performance and faster recovery times.

Our compression sleeves, versatile in nature, offer protection and support for various activities like running, hiking, cross-fit, gym, cycling, and more. They effectively shield against scratches and injuries.

At Fyke, we prioritize your well-being. Hence, we've infused our sleeves with aloe vera treatment, ensuring superior skin care, fatigue control, and odor reduction. With our eco-friendly, cutting-edge odor control technology, you can remain fresh and clean even after your most intense workouts.

Experience the transformative impact that Boost F-Arm Sleeves can have on your performance and overall health. Order yours today and embark on confidently achieving your fitness goals!


Summary of Arm Sleeves Key Benefits:


  • Enhanced Blood Circulation: Middle graded compressive technology optimizes blood and nutrient transportation, reducing fatigue and lactic acid buildup.
  • Muscle Performance: Arm Sleeves reduces muscle vibration, leading to improved performance and faster recovery times.
  • Versatility: Suitable for various activities like running, hiking, cross-fit, gym, and cycling, providing protection and support.
  • Scratch and Injury Protection: Shields against scratches and injuries during physical activities.
  • Aloe Vera Infusion: Infused with aloe vera for superior skin care, fatigue control, and odor reduction.
  • Eco-Friendly Odor Control: Cutting-edge technology ensures freshness even after intense workouts.
  • Commitment to Well-being: Fyke is dedicated to your health, offering arm sleeves that contribute to your overall fitness and confidence. Order now and experience the difference!

Customer Reviews

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Nuno Paulo
Boost F-Arm Sleeves are game changer

These are the first compression arm sleeves that I have, and I think I'm not going to try a new pair ever.
Was afraid to use them for the first time in one marathon, but I'm glad I did, they were a complete game changer.
I tend to get hands and forearms swelling on runs longer than 15k, for this 42k (and pulling a car with my kids) they protect my arms from any swealling ans the heat of the sun, letting them breath almost like I wasn't wearing them at all.
6 stars product