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Boost Low Socks Col2Color

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COR: Navy

TAMANHO: 35-38

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Boost Socks Low Col2Color are not just ordinary socks, but sun socks that adapt to the light. The Fyke logo changes its color with the presence of sunlight, adding a unique touch to your outfit. But this sock is more than just a fashion statement. 

Boost Low Socks Col2Color are minimalist, ultralight and performance socks perfect for any kind of activity that retains all the features of the other Fyke socks.

Sun Socks Benefits:

    • It will give you a perfect protection on the heel, toes and ankles.
    • Made with soft technical grade fibers and a next-to-skin fit, perfect for various activities, and uses 3D mapping technology to reinforce high-stress areas with lightweight materials.
    • This engineered structures combined with vanguard technical treatments allow your feet to breath and keep dry
    • Integrated particles of aloe vera will provide an advantage in skin care, fatigue and odor control.
    • Additionally we provide a second layer of odor control technology, with and eco-friendly treatment based in latest technologies.
    • These socks bring with them a new technology. When the sun socks get in touch with sun light, the logo of Fyke in the sock change the color.
    • Last but not the least, our socks provide performance grade compression, with adjustable compression elastomers, improving the blood flow and body performance, while delaying fatigue.

Experience the ultimate combination of style and functionality with Fyke's Boost Socks Low Col2Color.