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The Usefulness of a Trail Running Hat

Written by Joaquim Anjos


Posted on October 26 2023

What are trail running hats?

Trail running hats are a crucial component of a trail runner's equipment. These specially designed caps are adapted to meet the unique demands of running on rough and challenging terrain, so they are built with a combination of high-performance materials that prioritize comfort, protection and functionality. 

In this sense, trail running caps usually feature moisture-absorbing properties, which effectively manage sweat and keep the runner dry during intense runs. In addition, they offer essential sun protection, shielding the face and eyes from harmful UV rays. 

These hats are also made to be lightweight, durable and secure so that they stay safe and in place even during the most dynamic trail races.

This confirms that, indeed, a running cap can make all the difference to your performance and well-being and, above all, to the care of your facial skin and eyes.

Why do trail runners wear hats?

Everyone agrees that getting the sun's rays directly in your face and eyes is extremely uncomfortable, right? Trail runners are no different!

Trail runners therefore have a strong preference for wearing hats for a number of compelling reasons. These headwear accessories offer crucial protection against the sun's relentless rays, effectively shielding the face and eyes from harmful UV radiation. This not only reduces the risk of sunburn, but also minimizes the chances of heat-related discomfort during demanding runs.

In addition to sun protection, caps also play a key role in moisture management, preventing sweat from dripping into the eyes and disrupting concentration. 

Trail runners, and especially those with long hair, also find hats useful for keeping their hair tucked in so that it doesn't interfere with their stride. 

In essence, the decision to wear caps is a tactical one, designed to ensure comfort and performance during your exciting trail runs.

Benefits of Trail Running Caps

In short, trail running hats offer a number of key benefits for runners:

They provide protection from the elements and ensure comfort during the run, as they act as shields against the scorching sun, helping to prevent sunburn on the face, neck and ears.

They are designed to deal with sweat by absorbing moisture and wicking it away from the skin, which is crucial for preventing irritation and ensuring that runners stay dry and comfortable throughout the race. 

They feature effective ventilation and a customized fit which makes them an essential item for any runner looking to achieve a high level of performance on sunny days.

It helps to keep hair properly contained, avoiding any interference or negative impact on athletes' performance.

If you would like more information on the benefits of running caps for outdoor activities, we strongly advise you to read our blog article.

Types of trail running hats

As you know, not all caps are the same. As such, they have different characteristics.

Here are some of the types and models, so you can make an informed decision when choosing your trail running cap.

Curved brim cap: Curved brim caps are a classic and timeless choice for runners. The curved brim helps protect the eyes from the sun, offering shade and reducing glare. These are versatile, working well for both urban and trail running. They are generally lightweight and offer comfort during medium- to long-distance runs.

Straight-brimmed cap: Straight-brimmed caps have a modern, stripped-down aesthetic. Although they are popular in urban fashion, some runners opt for these models during their runs. The straight brim offers sun protection for the face and eyes, although compared to the curved brim, it may offer less shade.

Caps with Detachable Back/Side Flaps: Some running caps come with detachable back/side flaps, which can be useful in a variety of situations. These side or back flaps can be folded down to protect the neck and ears from the sun, or retracted upwards when not needed. This versatility makes these caps ideal for racing in changing weather conditions.

Trucker style caps: Trucker style caps are a popular option for runners looking for a combination of style and ventilation. Inspired by the caps worn by truckers, hence their name, these trail running caps feature a rigid front and a mesh back (breathable), which ensures greater air circulation and allows you to keep your head cool during runs in hot climates. 

In addition, the mesh design offers a casual aesthetic that appeals to many runners.

Each type of hat has its own distinct characteristics and advantages, catering to the individual preferences and needs of runners. Therefore, the choice of cap type will depend on personal style, climate, race distance and other factors that suit each individual's sporting practice.

What kind of hat is best for running?

To choose the perfect running hat, it's vital to consider the specific conditions in which you intend to run. In the context of trail running, the hats that stand out are those with efficient sun protection and great breathability. We therefore advise all trail runners to opt for lightweight, quick-drying trail running caps, especially if you're planning to run in hot, sunny climates.

For additional protection from the sun, you can also opt for a cap with wide brims to ensure you keep a clear view and your face protected. 

Also make sure you choose a cap that offers a comfortable fit to avoid discomfort and chafing that can occur during longer, more challenging races.

Should I wear a hat to run in the rain?

We believe that right now you're still wondering whether trail running hats are only important for hot days or whether they should also be worn on rainy days.

In fact, wearing a hat while running in the rain can be a shrewd decision. Trail running caps are often made with water-resistant materials that help keep your head dry, avoiding discomfort and colds.

In addition, the cap's visor is particularly useful, as it protects the face from the rain and keeps water out of the eyes, thus improving the trail runner's visibility and comfort in rainy conditions.

However, it is essential to remember that on long runs in heavy rain, the hat can get soaked, becoming heavy and uncomfortable. Therefore, choosing the right time to wear the cap in the rain is fundamental to maintaining a balance between protection and comfort.

Always protect yourself!

It's essential that the sun is your ally, giving you beautiful days of running outdoors without damaging the health of your eyes and skin. However, in order to guarantee this protection and, consequently, avoid the harmful effects of sun exposure, it is essential that you take the right precautions.

When it comes to sun protection while running, one sports accessory immediately springs to mind: the running cap. This headwear accessory is indispensable due to its features and advantages, ensuring your safety during outdoor runs.

But before you choose your trail running hat, it's important to identify which type best suits your needs. Make an informed decision! All sports accessories play a fundamental role when used correctly.

We recommend two options: the Boost Cap and the Running Cap from Fyke. Both are high-quality products that guarantee 100% performance, even on days of extreme sun exposure.

Don't wait another second to face the sun's rays!



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