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Fyke, A new brand is born

Written by Joaquim Anjos


Posted on April 05 2020

Fyke is a new apparel brand focused on developing premium products for sporting activities. Founded in 2019 in north Portugal, an area well know for being one of the main textile clusters in Europe, where the latest developments and innovations are tested an implemented by the best brands around the world. The brand develops gear for all sports, including triathlon and trail running.


The company was founded on the principles of sustainable production, quality, and responsibility. It has been noted that many apparel manufacturers treat their workers poorly and even expose them to dangerous chemicals in the workplace. Also, many others have been reported to have a large carbon footprint, and this means their production processes accelerate global warming. In fact, some studies have shown that apparel manufacturers contribute as much as 8% of global carbon emissions. Fyke is determined to stand out from the crowd by engaging in ethical, sustainable, and environmental-friendly practices.


To make sure their products are the best on the market, the Fyke tests its products on top athletes from around the world before distributint it to the mass public. Besides athletes there are also health specialists involved in the product development and testing, making sure our products will bring the athlete to the next level while preventing injuries.

Fyke products are very high in quality and are specially designed to offer high levels of comfort while enduring all of your adventures. We know that a poor quality or design can affect your performance, and also shorten your product lifetime. We create products made to endure and to last. We understand that the world has limited resources and our costumers fully understand that is better to have a gear that will last longer and for many miles, than having a set of three that will last less than a good one.

Our company is determined to grow by keeping a high level of ethics, and treating its workers and all the vendors with dignity. Also, our products will be respectful to the health and environment. If you love high-quality, comfortable, and perfectly designed sports gear, you are in the right place.



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