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Essential Running Gear for Beginners

Written by Joaquim Anjos


Posted on July 17 2023

Choosing the ideal running gear can make all the difference in sports practice. Deciding on the right clothing, accessories and footwear is essential to ensure comfort, performance and safety during your workouts and races.

Can the clothes you choose for exercise have an impact on your performance? Find out how to get better performance when practicing sports through the use of Sportswear.



What running gear should we consider?

No matter the modality or exercise: The use of sports compression clothing is always a necessity!

Therefore, FYKE works only with breathable fabrics that adapt to the human body, in order to optimize performance. The technology present in the fabric fibers promotes rapid sweat absorption, in addition to providing a touch of elasticity and comfort.

All our running gear has been tested by the best athletes and health experts before being launched to the market. This way, we can attest to the quality and ergonomics of our running gear with confidence.


Sports jersey

Whether short sleeve or long sleeve, choosing compression shirts suitable for sports is a plus. Contrary to what is indicated, one of the mistakes often made by amateur sportsmen is to opt for cotton jerseys instead of sportswear. 

Even though the properties of cotton are adept at absorbing sweat, they do not have the ability to wick moisture away from the skin. This can cause irritation due to the accumulation of bacteria in the area.

That said, the fabric we use in the manufacture of our products gives a perfect touch of elasticity and adaptability to the human body. The goal is to optimize performance and performance as much as possible during exercise. 

Here is our suggestion: Boost Seamless Sport T-Shirt Long Sleeve; Boost Seamless Sport T-Shirt Short Sleeve.


Waterproof Jacket

When the weather gets wet and cold it is advisable to run with a waterproof jacket. However, it should be understood that water-resistant or water-repellent products may not be waterproof: the difference is how long they wick away moisture!

While a resistant jacket allows water to penetrate the material after prolonged exposure to rain, a waterproof jacket keeps you completely dry and warm inside.

How to choose the best waterproof running jacket? 

The Waterproof Running Jacket offers 10/10 protection against rain and adverse weather conditions, without compromising mobility and flexibility to optimize performance on the field.

Running Shorts

Running shorts should be lightweight, comfortable and have the ability to wick away sweat during training. Avoid shorts that are too tight, as they can interfere with blood circulation and negatively affect your performance on the pitch.

Therefore, we suggest FYKE's Boost One Run shorts to get the most out of your workout, thanks to the odor- and sweat-resistant fabric technology. Its integrated brief allows you to run without underwear which in turn makes movement and agility easier - it's another level of comfort!


Sports Socks

We cannot stress enough the importance of wearing sports socks. However, these should be sports compression socks for the best use and effectiveness in performance throughout training.

Our fabrics are durable and therefore need to be replaced less often - which means less waste! The Boost Mid Socks series has been designed with the strength, versatility and performance of our products in mind. 

As well as adding a 'top' finish to an athlete's look, FYKE socks have multiple benefits for the health of your feet.

Discover the health benefits of sports compression socks.


Running Gloves

Running with cold hands is a real punishment and can ruin the whole adventure experience. Although not a requirement for many athletes, it is always an option to consider, especially in winter or in countries where temperatures reach minus degrees Celsius.

FYKE’s Merino Running Gloves combine sustainability, endurance and comfort in a smart and satisfying way. That is, the presence of merino wool in running gear triggers a list of health benefits for your skin.

Some of the properties of merino wool:

Warmth: the thermal insulation properties allow it to retain body heat;

Resistance: due to the presence of keratin in the fibers of the fabric, it gives strength and stability to the gloves;

Odor control: the rapid moisture absorption capacity is favorable for long races, without causing odor;

Antibacterial: by keeping sweat away from the skin, another natural ability of merino wool is the control of bacteria that cause bad smell;

Comfort: provides maximum comfort, so you don't have to worry about distractions or discomfort caused by your clothes.

In addition, our gloves include aloe vera particles in the fabric fibers. This will provide a continuous advantage in moisturizing and regenerating the skin of the hands.


How to start running: A guide for beginners

Running is a great way to improve your fitness, look after your health and enjoy the outdoors. However, it is important to keep a few important things in mind before you start running regularly. In this beginner's guide, we'll cover two key issues: making yourself visible to traffic and learning how to wash your gear.

Make yourself visible to traffic

Safety is a priority when running, especially when it comes to sharing the streets with vehicles. Making yourself visible to traffic is essential to ensure a safe experience and reduce the risk of accidents. Here are some tips on running gear that can help improve your visibility:

Bright, reflective colors: Opt for running apparel and accessories in bright colors. These colors are easily noticeable by drivers and help you stand out on the road. Also, make sure your gear has reflective details.

Reflective vest: Consider using a high-visibility reflective vest. These vests are designed to reflect light, making you easily visible to drivers. They are lightweight, adjustable and can be worn over your running gear.

Safety lights: Use running safety lights, such as LED lights for arms, legs or shoes. These lights are visible from afar and alert drivers to your presence. In addition, there are also vests with integrated LED lights, providing even greater visibility.

Reflective accessories: In addition to clothing, consider using reflective accessories such as armbands, wristbands, caps or even a pair of running shoes with reflective details. These small details can make a big difference in your visibility during the race.

Choose safe routes: Plan your running routes in well-lit areas with less traffic. Avoid busy roads and, where possible, opt for dedicated routes for runners.

Remember that no matter what running gear you use, it is important to adopt good safety practices, such as respecting traffic rules, crossing at crosswalks and being aware of your surroundings. Your safety is paramount while enjoying your passion for running.

We hope these tips will help you become more visible to traffic and enjoy a safe run. Stay alert and make the most of your running experience!


Learn how to wash your gear

Once you've invested in good running kit, the last thing you want to do is destroy it in the first wash. To ensure the durability and good condition of your gear, it's important to adopt a few care practices when washing it.

Always follow the manufacturer's washing/drying instructions. Some running gear requires extra care when sanitizing, especially waterproof fiber linings or equivalent, so as not to damage or shrink them.

Before starting the washing process, check the pockets and remove any object or debris that could damage the fabric. Then turn the garments inside out to protect the outer surfaces during washing.

Choose a mild detergent suitable for sports fabrics. Avoid using fabric softeners as they can affect the sweat absorption capacity and breathability of the material.

Wash the equipment at the recommended temperature, preferably in cold or warm water. Avoid using hot water as it can damage the fibers and compromise the properties of the fabric.

To dry equipment, opt for outdoor drying whenever possible. Hang the garments in a cool, airy place away from direct sunlight. This will help preserve the elasticity and shape of the garments.

Avoid quick drying using dryers, as excessive heat can shrink garments or damage waterproof coatings. If you must use the dryer, choose a low heat setting or use a gentle drying program.


Ready to start running?

The right choice of running gear is essential for a comfortable and safe running experience. In addition to considering quality and comfort, it is important to make yourself visible to traffic by wearing brightly colored and reflective clothing and accessories, as well as following safe routes.

Proper washing and drying of equipment is also important to preserve its quality and durability. It is essential to follow the manufacturer's instructions, especially for waterproof materials.

Buying specialized running kit doesn't have to cost a small fortune. At FYKE, we offer high-quality running gear at affordable prices, ensuring that every runner can enjoy a memorable run.

Discover our wide range of sportswear and accessories now and find the perfect kit for your runs!



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