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Fyke Boost Compressive Long Sock Navy
Fyke compressive long socks navy
Fyke compressive long socks navy

Boost Long Sock Navy



The Boost Long Sock Navy will provide the support you need, from the ankle to the upper calf. Either if you face an endurance challenge or a faster recovery, they are your perfect fit. Outperform with Fyke.


Outperform with this full socks, they will provide a boost in performance during your activities thanks to the mid graduated compression. Made with soft technical grade fibers, and with a next-to-skin fit, the low boost sock is perfect for running, trail running, crossfit, yoga, travel, hiking. With 3D mapping technology it uses very light weight materials while reinforcing the areas with more stress and friction.

Enjoy the benefits of graduated compression and technical materials:


    • Thanks this compressive sock your muscles will receive more oxygen and nutrients, improving over your normal performance and endurance.

    • They also play an important role during recovery, you will recover faster while reducing the swelling and muscle strain.

    • It will give you a perfect protection on the heel, toes and ankles.

    • Embedded engineered structures combined with vanguard technical treatments allow your feet to breath and keep dry

    • Integrated particles of aloe vera will provide an advantage in skin care, fatigue and odor control.

    • Additionally we provide a second layer of odor control technology, with and eco-friendly treatment based in latest technologies.

We designed this cutting-edge socks to outperform any challenge.


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