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Boost Fyke Running Cap Turquoise
Model posing with stylish fyke accessories
Woman with a Fyke Running Cap

Boost Cap Turquoise


 The Boost Cap Turquoise, as much as we like sun we also need protection for our eyes and face. It also will help with body temperature regulation for better comfort.

Main benefits:
  • Thermal regulation, you will be cooler in winter and warmer on colder seasons.
  • Keep your eyes protection from sun and rain
  • Keep your face and scalp protected from the sunburns
  • Multi-sport, tested and prove in running, hiking, trail-running, tenis, kayaking, and a long etc.
  • Odour and skin care, our products come with aloe vera treatment providing an advantage in skin care, fatigue and odour control. Additionally we apply a second layer of odour control technology with an eco-friendly treatment based in latest technologies.
  • No bouncing, perfect adjustment. The elastomers fabric used in the construction provide a very adjustable and comfort
  • Ultralight, constructed with featherlight materials.

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