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Fyke Sports Compression Socks

Written by Joaquim Anjos


Posted on March 02 2023

FYKE Sports Compression Socks

Sports compression socks, also known as performance or elastic socks, are an important accessory for a sports kit. FYKE socks provide a nice finishing touch to the athlete’s look, but most importantly they have multiple benefits for your feet’s health.


Although it is not common knowledge, the compression effect of sports socks improves blood circulation and prevents the accumulation of lactic acid in muscle structures, which in turn, helps to relieve fatigue and swollen legs.


Those who use compression stocks are usually the ones who practice sports activities that cause a lot of impact on the legs muscles and joints, such as athletics, football, cycling, crossfit and others.


However, what is most desired by elite athletes is to improve their performance and resistance in the practice of physical exercise. Afterwards, the socks can be kept on for a few minutes to help the muscles recover and gradually relax.


Compression effects


By placing pressure on the legs, sports compression socks, help the blood flow back to the heart more efficiently, increasing the blood flow, and the levels of oxygen distributed throughout the body as well.


Your doctor may prescribe compression socks for the treatment of venous diseases or for the treatment of varicose veins. However, there are different types of socks with different levels of pressure and height; some may cover the entire foot, others just the entire leg.


Who is it recommended for?


For a conscious transaction, we advise you to gather as much information as possible regarding the product before proceeding with a purchase. This applies above all, when you are dealing with products that may impact your health.


To get the most out of sports compression socks, it is important to understand how our body works. When blood flows towards the heart, the valves act as “floodgates”, preventing blood from falling back to the lower limbs, in opposition to gravity.


Therefore, sports compression socks can be indicated in cases of heart valves alterations or obstructed veins. Other cases in which its use is recommended are:


  • Pregnancy
  • Varicose veins
  • Health complaints such as tired, aching, heavy and swollen legs
  • Elderly people, or people with compromised circulation
  • People with thrombosis antecedents
  • Venous insufficiency
  • People who spend many hours sitting


As a matter of fact, the use of compression socks can be recommended in cases such as long trips in order to avoid the formation of blood clots in the lower limbs, after several hours of sitting.


They are also recommended for people who spend a lot of time on their feet throughout the day.


Discover the health benefits of sports socks.


Who is not recommended for?


Despite all the benefits, sports compression socks are not recommended in the following cases:

  • Severe/uncontrolled cardiac insufficiency
  • Skin infections
  • ischaemia
  • Clothing allergy 
  • Individuals confined to bed


Always ask your doctor for advice and let him know if, by any chance, you experience any kind of discomfort while wearing the sports compression socks. In any case, do not hesitate to contact us!


FYKE Boost Socks


The Boost Mid Socks series were designed focusing on the resistance, versatility and performance in our products. Our fabrics are long-lasting and need to be replaced less often, which means less waste.


The minimalist design is perfect for any type of physical activity. Tested by elite athletes and health professionals. They were optimized for sports competitions, physical exercise or simply to rest the muscles.


Our sports compression socks focus on the comfort and protection of the feet, without detracting from their aesthetic beauty.


Boost Mid Sport Socks


The Boost Mid Sport Socks are the best option for professional athletes. The fabric used is made up of high performance fibres, providing an “extra” performance for professional sports.


The presence of Cordura and Dyran fibres makes all the difference. They have the necessary physical properties to improve resilience and comfort during intense and long-lasting training sessions.


The material is light, insulating, resistant and breathable. Certainly a great investment!



feet wearing the black Fyke Mid Sports Socks in a forest area.



Boost Mid Socks


The Boost Mid Socks are second to none! The design of these sports compression socks comes in various and visually appealing colours and patterns, which is one of their strengths.


The finishing of these socks is made with soft technical grade fibres and with a close fit to the skin, which provides a heightened sense of comfort. Perfect for any type of activity or sport.



Person pulling up Fyke's light green mid socks wearing wristbands of the same color.



Have you chosen your sports compression socks?

No one can deny the importance of sports compression socks. Whether it's sports or cardiovascular health issues: FYKE socks are the best option for you!


Our products are chosen by the best athletes looking to improve their training performance without compromising the comfort and the support of their feet. It is essential to protect the muscular structure and the joints to avoid injuries and to obtain a better performance.


Experience the great feeling of Fyke compression socks on your feet now!




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