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How To Put On Compression Socks Correctly

Written by Joaquim Anjos


Posted on November 16 2023

How to Put On Compression Socks


Compression socks are a crucial accessory for individuals seeking relief from leg discomfort, prevention of swelling, or to improve blood circulation. However, for them to work effectively, it's essential to put them on correctly. In this step-by-step guide, we will explain how to put on compression socks to reap the maximum benefits.


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Why Should Athletes Use Compression Socks?


Compression stockings offer numerous benefits for athletes, making them a valuable addition to their performance gear but for that you need to know how to put on compression socks properly.


These socks are designed to improve blood circulation and oxygen delivery to the muscles, which can result in enhanced performance and reduced muscle fatigue. Additionally, compression socks can aid in the removal of lactic acid and other metabolic waste, thereby accelerating post-workout recovery. 


Athletes who regularly engage in high-impact sports or endurance activities, such as trail running, can particularly benefit from the support and stability provided by compression socks, as they can help reduce the risk of muscle soreness, cramps, and even certain sports-related injuries. 


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By wearing compression stockings, athletes can potentially optimize their training sessions and improve their overall athletic performance. So, it's your time to find out how to put on compression socks in the best way to ensure better performance.

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Put On Compression Socks for Sports

Step 1: Choose the Right Size


The first step to making sure you know how to put on compression socks is to choose the right size. Compression socks typically come in sizes based on leg circumference and foot length. Consult the manufacturer's instructions or seek guidance from a healthcare professional to ensure the ideal fit.

Step 2: Preparation


Before putting on compression socks, make sure your legs are clean and dry. Avoid using creams or lotions on your legs, as they can hinder the socks from sliding on smoothly.

Step 3: Fold the Sock Completely


Start by fully folding the sock to facilitate foot entry, making it easier to put on and prevent twisting. This is the first step on how to put on compression socks, shown in the image below.

Step 4: Put Your Foot Inside the Sock


Place your foot inside the sock and ensure the heel is positioned correctly. The sock should snugly fit around your foot, without wrinkles or folds.

Step 5: Pull the Sock Up to Your Ankle


Begin rolling the sock up slowly, moving towards your ankle. Ensure that the sock is even and snug without being too tight. Compression should be lighter at the bottom and gradually increase as it moves up your leg.

Step 6: Adjust the Sock on Your Leg


After extending the sock up to the ankle, gently smooth it out to ensure a comfortable and even fit. Make sure there are no wrinkles or folds, as this can affect the compression's effectiveness.

Step 7: Finish the Process


Continue pulling the sock up your leg, ensuring it fully covers the area you want to treat or protect. Once the sock is in place, ensure the top is comfortably positioned on your calf without being too tight.


Now that you've learned how to put on compression socks correctly, remember to wear them as per your doctor's or the manufacturer's guidelines. It's important to wash and care for the socks as instructed to keep them effective in the long run.


Teaching guide on how to put on compression socks.

Get the Most Out of Your Socks


Understanding how to put on compression socks correctly is essential for individuals seeking relief from leg discomfort, improved circulation, and injury prevention.


These versatile accessories provide comfort and support for everyday wear, and for athletes, they offer a unique advantage in optimizing their training and recovery. The benefits of compression socks extend to enhanced performance, reduced muscle fatigue, and a faster post-workout recovery process. 


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Whether you're using compression stockings for health reasons or to boost your athletic prowess, following the step-by-step guide for proper application ensures you'll reap the maximum benefits. 


With the right fit and care, compression socks can be an invaluable addition to your daily routine, offering comfort and support to help you stay active and maintain healthy legs.


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