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DMUT 2023 - Explore the charms of Douro and Montemuro!

Written by Joaquim Anjos


Posted on May 31 2023

DMUT - Douro Montemuro Ultra Trilhos is back! Get ready, on June 4th 2023, to embark on a trail running adventure through the natural scenery of Cinfães.

Explore the Douro River, the Bestança Valley, the Montemuro Mountains and the Ladário Park. With challenging races, like the DMUT 50, DMUT 25, DMUT 18 and a 10km walk, make the most of this opportunity and allow yourself to feel nature at its purest state!

Besides the sportive challenge, Douro Montemuro Ultra Trail 2023 delivers an experience of community and unity. Everyone is united by the love for the trails and the desire to overcome personal challenges.


Three trail runners climbing a trail with a forest landscape with an old house.



Fyke - Official Sponsor

Fyke is proud to be one of the main sponsors of DMUT 2023. We are committed to supporting and promoting sporting events that encourage an active and healthy lifestyle.

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Which races will you be able to participate in?

On June 4th, you will have the opportunity to participate in three different trail running races and a walk, taking place in the municipality of Cinfães.



DMUT 50 race will start at 08:00 am, at the pier of Porto Antigo, near the Douro River. The route goes towards Serra de Montemuro, passing through stunning landscapes and historical villages, such as Boassas, Ruivais and Covelas.

The first part of the course is characterized by challenging climbs and technical trails, especially along the Bestança river valley. The race continues uphill to the village of Bustelo, passing through the Penavilheira Fragas towards Granja and Quinhão. In Quinhão, it continues along the banks of the Ribeira de Tendais, passing through the village of Aveloso and reaching the maximum altitude of approximately 1135m in the Chapel of São Pedro.

From this point, the course starts to descend towards Cinfães, passing by the natural observatory of Marcelim and the villages of Vila Viçosa, Sanguinhedo and Contença.

Finally, the race enters the enchanting "magic forest" of the Ladário Park, with challenging uphill and downhill trails. The final destination is the Church of Cinfães, where the finish line will be located.



DMUT 25 race, which will start at 09:00 am, at the pier of Porto Antigo, near the Douro River, follows a linear course that initially follows the same path of the DMUT 50 race until Valverde. From this point on, it separates from the DMUT 50 race and heads towards the charming village of Muros. Then, the course goes up towards the village of Vila Viçosa, where it intersects again with the DMUT 50 course, following the remaining DMUT 50 itinerary.



DMUT 18, starting at 10h00, at the pier of Porto Antigo, follows a linear course that initially follows the same path of DMUT 25 until the village of Vila Viçosa. From this point on, DMUT 18 separates from the remaining courses and continues towards Travassos, finishing in the center of the charming village of Cinfães, where participants will find the finish line near the Matriz church.


10Km Walk

The DMUT 2023 walk starts at 09h30, near the majestic church of Cinfães. This circular route, approximately 10 km long, offers the opportunity to explore the beautiful landscapes and natural charms of the region.



What does a DMUT registration include?

By registering for DMUT 2023, participants will have access to a number of exclusive benefits. Each athlete will receive the Matrix T-Shirt, an exclusive piece by Fyke, which represents their participation in the event.

And as if that wasn't enough, the athletes will also be entitled to a voucher worth 20 euros to discount at the Fyke store, allowing them to choose from a wide range of quality sports equipment. Here, we have what you need to give your performance a 'boost'!


T-shirt "Matrix" produced by Fyke for DMUT 2023 and its features.



Services available

- Fueling, while in competition, at the marked posts;

- Medical assistance, at the start, at the gas stations and at the arrival;

- Transport to the finish from a gas station, in case of abandonment or being prevented by the organization to continue in the race;

- Transport to the starting area (Old Port Quay) of the DMUT 50, DMUT 25 and DMUT 18 courses;

- Meal at arrival;

- Massage at the end of the race;

- Shower.

The organization of DMUT 2023 is concerned with every detail, and therefore all races will have precise timing to record the time and performance of the athletes. All this information can be found in the DMUT 2023 Regulation.



DMUT 2023 Preparation Tips:

If you are preparing to participate in DMUT, here are some tips to help you have proper preparation and enjoy the best experience possible:

  1. Set your goals: Determine what you want to achieve in the DMUT, whether it's completing the race, pushing your own limits, or gaining a prominent position. This will help direct your preparation and motivate you during training and the race.
  2. Create a training plan: Develop a progressive and individualized training program, taking into account your current physical condition, goals, and available time. Include trail runs, climbs, descents, and simulate the conditions of the DMUT course.
  3. Gradually increase intensity and distance: Gradually increase the intensity and distance of your workouts over the weeks. This will help strengthen your body, increase your endurance, and prepare you for the challenge of the race.
  4. Train on similar terrain: If possible, train on terrain similar to what you will encounter on the DMUT course. This will help you get used to the terrain conditions, develop technical skills, and build confidence.
  5. Strengthen your body: In addition to running training, include muscle-strengthening exercises such as squats, lunges, planks, and weightlifting. This will help prevent injury, improve your performance, and provide stability while running.
  6. Take care of recovery: Give importance to recovery after intense workouts. Get adequate rest, sleep well, stay hydrated, and adopt recovery practices such as stretching, massages, and ice baths to reduce fatigue and prevent injury.
  7. Test your equipment: Make sure you test and familiarize yourself with the equipment you will use during the race, such as sneakers, socks, hydration pack, and appropriate clothing. Avoid debuting new equipment on race day to avoid discomfort or problems.
  8. Practice eating during the race: During longer workouts, experiment with different nutrition and hydration strategies to find out what works best for you. Practice consuming foods and drinks that provide energy and are easily digestible during the race.
  9. Know the course and rules: Familiarize yourself with the DMUT course, its climbs, descents, and fueling points. Read the event rules carefully to be aware of the race rules and requirements.
  10. Enjoy the journey: Remember that DMUT is more than just a race. It is an opportunity to connect with nature, overcome personal challenges, and create unforgettable memories. Enjoy every moment of your preparation journey and be open to enjoy the full experience on race day.



Are we counting on you?

If you haven't had a chance to sign up yet this year, don't worry. DMUT will be back next year! Stay tuned to social media, such as Instagram and Facebook, and the official DMUT 2023 website to stay up to date on all the event news and dates.

Make sure to read all the information and requirements carefully for safe and successful participation. You can also ask Fyke for support if you have any questions about the event or any product you are interested in.

Challenge yourself, overcome your limits and immerse yourself in the natural beauty of the Douro and Montemuro. DMUT 2023 and Fyke are waiting for you!





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